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At Your Side When it Matters Most

No matter your legal challenges, here at the Parzival Law Group we are committed to defending our clients’ civil rights, upholding social justice, and advocating with a humanistic and holistic approach to every client’s story.


We are a team of highly experienced federal defenders, and together we have tried upwards of 70 federal cases with unrivalled success. Our team specializes in international criminal offenses under the foreign commerce clause, fraud (including tax, bank, government benefits, securities, health care, and wire fraud), tax evasion, SEC investigations, insider trading, money laundering, and crypto currency cases.

Our team is made up of highly skilled sentencing advocates with extensive experience developing both written and multimedia sentencing arguments and presentations. Together we have already prepared and litigated hundreds of pretrial motions, many of which have resulted in dismissals, reduced charges, and/or exclusion of evidence. By employing a holistic approach to mitigation, we always seek to aid negotiation and avoid costly litigation and custodial sentencing.


Our team offers full-service government affairs representation and consultation. Clients will often come to us with a diver range of needs and we advocate on their behalf before the necessary legislative and administrative bodies. Through this process, we have already been instrumental in the development and advancement of important legislation before both State and Federal bodies. Legislation that has gone on to become instrumental to quality-of-life improvement across multiple communities.

Our team has extensive experience courtroom and policy experience and our partner previously served as counsel to the House Judiciary Committee. Her valuable experience across both sides of the political aisle is invaluable to our practice and helps us help our clients achieve their goals. Here at Parzival Law Group we don’t believe in complacency. We strive to continue learning each and every day. We do this by tracking key criminal justice legislation which helps us stay abreast of legislative developments in real=time.


Our litigation proceedings are informed by over four decades of federal courtroom experience. We’ve seen time and time again that success comes not only with technical skill, but with courage, authenticity, and honest human stories.

We believe in humanistic advocacy that embraces human vulnerability. But, on top of this, we know how to work under pressure. When the stakes are high, and the odds seem slim. This is our call to action. Since our inception, we’ve trained dozens of lawyers to succeed at trial. We focus on case theory, compelling arguments, and persuasive cross-examination.

So, what do we offer? We offer in-depth trial consulting covering all stages of a criminal trial, from pretrial to post-conviction proceedings. We’ll verse you in our investigative strategies and execute an aggressive yet strategic motions practice to help you prepare for your trial.


Our case load is extremely diverse. Here at The Parzival Group, we handle all types of cases from personal injury to wrongful death and civil rights cases. We will accept any case type, as long as we believe we can achieve deserved justice. Our aim is simple. To help people get the justice they deserve and make a real difference to the lives of individuals nationwide.

No matter how challenging your legal circumstances may seem, Parzival Group is here to help.