Never Give Up the Quest!

The Parzival Group is dedicated to fighting and winning against impossible odds.  We do so with unrivaled skill, experience and wisdom.  

Our Values

We are more than just a law firm. As advocates, we believe in the importance of authentic presence.   Understanding our clients and their stories is the key to our success.  

Criminal Defense

Few things in life are more terrifying than to be accused of a crime.  We know that even minor cases can have serious consequences.  We have seen and fought these battles in every arena.  In times like these you need an experienced advocate by your side.

Policy and Social Justice

We are more than just skilled litigators.  Our unique experience advocating for policy reform in Congress and in Sacramento gives us important insights into the judicial and the legislative process.  

The Human Element

We know that behind every legal case, whether complex or straightforward, there is a client facing a very human problem, with a story to be told.  To be good advocates it is important to seek insight and understanding by walking with our clients and learning about their lives.

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Practice Areas

Learn more about our core areas of practice and see how we can start fighting for you today.

We provide holistic mitigation strategies, specializing in international criminal offenses, fraud, SEC investigations, insider trading, money laundering, crypto currency cases, and sentencing advocacy.

We provide full-service government affairs representation and consultation services. Our extensive courtroom and policy expertise has allowed us to play an instrumental role in the advancement of important legislation before both state and federal bodies.

We provide expert consulting based on invaluable courtroom experience. Consulting covers all stages of a criminal trial, from pretrial to post-conviction proceedings and includes investigative strategies, development, and execution of each motions practice.

We cover a wide-range of cases including personal injury, wrongful death, and civil rights cases. The Parzival Law Group will accept almost any case, so long as we believe we can help achieve justice and the best possible outcome.

Legal Victories